Here is Dan Loeb’s playbook for investment home runs in the Trump era
Wednesday, Feb 01, 2017 08:16 by iajordanov142199
Here is Dan Loeb’s playbook for investment home runs in the Trump era

It certainly feels like Groundhog Day — the movie about a TV personality who does the same thing over and over. Donald Trump has yet again made lots of people angry, including those famously laid-back Australians.

Meanwhile, investors continue to scratch their heads over how to play the new state of affairs. Fresh off a disappointing 2016, hedge-fund manager Dan Loeb is explaining how he’s got it figured out now. He provides our call of the day.

“While America may or may not be made great again, there is no question that the rules are literally being rewritten,” the Third Point boss and his team say in their latest quarterly letter to clients.

“We do not plan to trade the tweets, but we expect an increasing number of real and, even better, fake dislocations to create some extremely rewarding investing opportunities.”

So where is Third Point placing its bets? Loeb & Co. are bullish and basically “America First,” but they also plan to wager on rallies overseas.

“While our portfolio is primarily focused on the U.S., an accelerating U.S. economy (which results in global growth accelerating as well) creates the right backdrop for non-U.S. markets to perform, and so we will likely have more non-U.S.exposure as 2017 progresses,” Loeb and his team say.

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The same day Trump spoke with Reynolds
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