There is a brand-new entrant in digital currency.

So-called Bitcoin Cash, which erupted out of the original bitcoin on Tuesday, is the result of a small faction of bitcoin developers’ demand for a version of the popular cryptocurrency that allows virtual miners, which support the currency, to more rapidly process transactions in larger units known as blocks.

A single Bitcoin Cash token is worth $626 after charging 122% in less than 24 hours.

Its emergence comes as the original bitcoin is undergoing a separate fork, known as BIP 91 — another widely backed solution to the so-called scaling problem that expands the bitcoin network without creating a separate version. The existence of parallel versions, has created some confusion in the cyber-unit industry and threatens to rattle bitcoin participants, if only briefly.

The nascent Bitcoin Cash — it’s so new that, unlike most digital currencies, it doesn’t have a logo yet — comes as the industry is confronting growing pains, with a chorus of market participants urging for the adoption of software updates that would facilitate larger, speedier transactions.

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Bitcoin Cash is an attempt to solve processing issues by allowing blocks to be processed in 8-megabyte units, rather than the one-megabyte block the older version of bitcoin uses.

The split played out at 8:20 a.m. on Tuesday, according to, which a site developed to monitor this so-called “fork” in the world’s largest digital currency.

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