Trump Says Printed Guns Don't Make Much Sense; He Spoke to NRA
Wednesday, Aug 01, 2018 07:14 by InvestingPie

President Donald Trump weighed in on the controversy surrounding 3-D printed guns, which would allow people to make weapons outside of the normal channels of gun stores and regulations, saying they don’t "make much sense."

Trump said he’s spoken with the National Rifle Association about the so-called ghost guns, although the gun lobby hasn’t directly weighed in on the issue.

A coalition of states controlled by Democrats is a settlement reached by the Trump administration with Texas non-profit Defense Distributed to disseminate its manual allowing people to manufacture their own firearms. The federal government initially argued that the manuals for 3-D guns violate firearm distribution laws.

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The multistate case follows earlier efforts by individual state attorneys general and gun-control groups to prevent Defense Distributed from following through with a plan critics say is a public safety disaster in waiting. Defense Distributed agreed to temporarily block Pennsylvania Internet users from downloading its blueprints after legal threats from that state’s attorney general.

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