The shiny new iPhone will definitely be exciting for Apple, but it won’t move the stock as much as emerging markets and new technologies will.

For a value investor like me, it is easier to love stocks that are hated and more difficult to love stocks that are loved. Love is usually expensive, and the infatuation gets reflected in a company’s valuation. Hate, or near-hate, is cheap.

Being contrarian — taking a position that goes against the grain of commonly held opinion — isn’t easy or comfortable. Humans take comfort in consensus. We love it when the crowd agrees with us. But being contrarian for the sake of being different is idiotic and dangerous. When it comes to investing, being contrarian means trusting and following through on the findings of your research, whether you agree or disagree with the crowd.

So it is now with Apple AAPL, +1.81%  and me. I felt that “contrarian” feeling about the stock when my firm sold the bulk of our Apple stake . It was the same discomort I had in 2013 when we were buying.

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Very informative
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The same day Trump spoke with Reynolds
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