Allergy warning over Covid-19 vaccine
Wednesday, Dec 09, 2020 10:49 by InvestingPie

Warning over the new jab. If you have a history of significant allergic reactions you should not have the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine, regulators say. 

This came after two UK health care workers developed allergic reaction on Tuesday shortly after they recived the jab. Both are fine and recovering well now. 

They are understood to have had an anaphylactoid reaction, which involves a skin rash, breathlessness and sometimes a blood pressure drop. This is different from anaphylaxis, which can be fatal. 
Such reactions can happen with any vaccine an can be treated with drugs as steroids or adrenaline. 

If you have had reactions to medicines, food or vaccines, please let your doctor know. 

Reactions like this are uncommon, but do happen with other vaccines, including the annual flu jab.

Prof Peter Openshaw, an expert in immunology at Imperial College London, said: "The fact that we know so soon about these two allergic reactions and that the regulator has acted on this to issue precautionary advice shows that this monitoring system is working well."

So far the trials reported one possible allergic reaction per thousand people who received the vaccination. 


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